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Cobra Series

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The COBRA waterjet cutting series can be customized in size to fit your needs!

The COBRA waterjet cutting series is best suited for large areas. The COBRA waterjet cutting system offers (precise) cutting of extra large sheets up to 16 feet wide which allows for mass production and cutting of large materials. The COBRA waterjet cutting series allows you to add additional cutting heads to enable double production on the same machine and higher running speeds. Like all Semyx models, the COBRA Series features a central controller for all modules andԳ󲹲Գ𳾱Գٲ.

The COBRA is specially designed for textile applications and has been used on fields for the MLS, NCAA, and NFL.

Helical Rack & Pinion In All Axes

  • Allows for large and customized cutting area

Cutting with Pure Water

  • With pure water cutting, it is especially easy to cut soft materials with this procedure, including paper products, sealing materials, plastics, foams, textiles, carpets, turf, and food.
  • Pure water cutting is extremely precise: the water jet can be finer than 0.2 millimeter and it allows the cutting of fine contours, sharp angles, and tight radii.

Higher Speed and Acceleration

COBRA waterjet series has a high cutting speed 0-60 m/min with high acceleration to increase production.

Samples Cuttings

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Foam Cutouts
Rubber Rugs
Plexi, Wood, Foam, Plastics
NFL Field Turf Logo

COBRA Series Specifications

X-Axis Cutting Stroke mm (in)10000 mm (33 Ft.)
Y-Axis Cutting Stroke mm (in)4572 mm (16 Ft.)
Z-Axis Stroke mm (in)180 mm (7 in.)
Footprint Width mm (in)5900 mm (233 in.)
Footprint Length mm (in)12100 mm (477 in.)
Cutting Speed0-50m/min
Free Speed50m/min
Accuracy mm (in)± 0.2 mm (0.008”)
Repeatability mm (in)±0.05 mm (±0.002”)
DriversAC Servo Motors
Motion for X-AxisHelical Rack & Pinion
Motion for Y-AxisHelical Rack & Pinion
Cutting Heads1

*The COBRA waterjet cutting series is made to order. Sizes may vary based on customer needs.
Machines are available as both tank and pit installations.