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Cidan Stackmaster Flat Sheet Storage Tower

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ճٴٲ쳾ٱ Flat Sheet Storage Tower makes any company working with flat sheets more efficient. As a single tower or two side-by-side, loading and unloading material is easier, faster, and safer without the need of forklift or multiple personnel. The stand-alone control provides accurate inventory counts for different material types, thicknesses, and colors. Each tray has a 2,200lb capacity load. ճSTACKMASTER is the solution to keep your material well-organized and improve fabrication.

Stackmaster Specifications
Number of Trays102030
Weight Capacity2,200 lbs (1,000kg)2,200 lbs (1,000kg)2,200 lbs (1,000kg)
Maximum Sheet Size48.4” x 126” (1230mm x 3200mm)48.4” x 126” (1230mm x 3200mm)48.4” x 126” (1230mm x 3200mm)
Lifting Speed of Trays33FPM (10MPM)33FPM (10MPM)33FPM (10MPM)
Weight15,840 lbs. (7,200Kg)20,400 lbs. (10,200Kg)30,800 lbs. (14,00Kg)
Width122” (3,100mm)122” (3,100mm)122” (3,100mm)
Length161.5” (4,100mm)161.5” (4,100mm)161.5” (4,100mm)
Height10.2’ (3,100mm)17’ (5,200mm)23.6’ (7,200mm)
Lifting Power6.7HP (5Kw)6.7HP (5Kw)6.7HP (5Kw)
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