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Hydmech Saws

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Over the past fourty years, HYDMECH SAWS has become a worldwide leader in metal band saw and cold saw technology and metal sawing solutions.

Our progressive attitudes combined with our innovative solutions in design and manufacturing have earned us a solid reputation as a company that meets the sawing challenges head on for all our customers. And it all started with the vision of one man.

Polish immigrant and engineer, Stan Jasinski, founded HYDMECH in 1978 in Woodstock, Ontario. Originally, HYDMECH was an engineering consulting firm specializing in hydraulic and forestry equipment. But frustrated with searching for a saw to suit his needs, Stan exercised his engineering expertise to build his own mitering saw suddenly changing the company’s focus in 1980.

Stan’s innovative vision created a better mitering saw with a superior performance that grabbed the attention of colleagues and machine dealers in the area. Since then, HYDMECH’s drive to manufacture quality sawing technology has never wavered. We pioneer innovations such as swing-head versatility on our scissors-style saws and consistently deliver the widest range of saws to a vast range of industries. The industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, steel service centers, metal fabrications shops, racing, and more.

Throughout the years, we have established a Quality Pledge, which ensures our customers receive the best cost-per-cut solution through advanced engineering technologies, premium quality parts, product longevity, incomparable service, and maintenance. Our Quality Pledge makes HYDMECH The Rock Solid Solution for customers in a variety of industries. Our pledge is supported by our parent company, The MEP Group.

H Series Horizontal Band Saws

V Series Vertical Band Saws H

M Series Heavy Duty Scissor Style Band Saws

DM Series Double Miter Band Saws

S Series Scissor Style Band Saws

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