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Durma Press Brakes

AD-ES Electrical Press Brake

DURMA AD-ES CNC PRESS BRAKE serial can provide the production starting from 1250 mm table width to 2500 table width. It is also possible to apply different sizes in line with customer demands. Welding is performed on the machine body and upper table and all waste is prevented by stress relieving and appropriate processing technologies. The double pulley-belt system, precision ball screw, and nut connection, high torque-resistant bearing cylinder provide high precision bending results.

AD-R Press Brakes

AD-R Series press brakes, perfectly equipped for sensitive bending, energy efficient solutions.

With its easy to use control units, rigid body frame, perfect design, high efficiency, multiple tool usage solutions, top level CE safety standards and with its suitable price range, AD-R is the World leader in its category. Perfectly equipped for sensitive bending, energy efficient solutions.

Our machines are designed in accordance with Ce-Norms to ensure your safety with hydraulic, electric, appropriate height covers and laser light curtains. CE safety in tandem. Machines are also provided with light barriers.

AD-R Series Press Brake today, tomorrow and forever with you.

AD-S Press Brakes

AD-S Series press brakes, designed with high technology to increase efficiency on precise part bending. With Easy to use control unit, stabile body structure, perfect design, low operating cost, different tool usage options, maximum safety standards, DURMA press brake is the best in the world in its segment.

Bending performance is increased by using high quality European clamping system and easiness to use. DURMA is your solution partner with various tool options.

DURMA provides the best level of service and spare parts with qualified personnel and spare parts in stock. Therefore with DURMA press brakes you can always achieve perfect result.

AD-S Series Press Brake today, tomorrow and forever with you.

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