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WF Wells Saws

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WF Wells Saws are products proudly made in the U.S.A. for Quality, Reliability, and Repairability.

W.F. Wells, Inc manufactures twin post, semi-automatic and CNC fully-automatic horizontal metal cutting bandsaws of the guillotine type. Models are available that will cut from 9 to 60 inch in diameter. W.F. Wells, Inc also manufactures hinge type horizontal bandsaws that will cut 7 to 10 inch diameter stock. A large variety of specialty saws for cutting unusual sizes and materials are also available. Parts are also available for W.F. Wells, Inc saws produced as far back as the 1940’s. Call or email IMC today and let us help you with your WF Wells sawing, parts, or service requirements!

WF Wells W-9-1

Saw Types

  • Hinge Type
  • Semi Automatic Twin Post
  • Large Capacity Semi Automatic Twin Column
  • Miter Semi Automatic Twin Column
  • CNC Fully Automatic with Shuttle Type Barfeed
  • Large Capacity CNC Fully Auto with Shuttle Type Barfeed
  • Trim and Vertical Saws
  • Special Application Saws


HF Wells B-25-3A3-CNC

W.F. Wells, Inc is unique in the U.S. machine tool industry in that it has
continued to manufacture its products in the U.S.A. while so many others
are importing what they sell. W.F. Wells, Inc provides bandsaws that handle the requirements of the metal cutting industry but also non-ferrous products such as glass, ceramics, graphite, crystals and wooden products.

WF Wells F-16-3

WF Wells produces a saw uniquely suited to the grating panel industry. Cut to length Grating Panels can be manufactured  through utilizing a WF Wells Grating panel saw. As the panels are produced, they are fed through the saw and cut to length. 

Model H-1051-2GRS Grating/Panel

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