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WF Wells

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WF Wells Grating Panel Saws

WF Wells produces a saw uniquely suited to the grating panel industry. Cut to length Grating Panels can be manufactured  through utilizing a WF Wells Grating Panel Saw. As the panels are produced, they are fed through the saw and cut to length. 

Machine Specifications

  • Capacity: Rectangular, 10” High x 51” Wide, 3° Canted Frame
  • Weight Capacity: 5,000 lbs – with Bed in Full Upper Position
  • Blade Speed: 60-500 SFPM
  • Blade Size: 1¼” X .042” X 22′ -3″ – with Easy Change Tilt Feature
  • Blade Guide: Rollers and Carbide Side Blocks
  • Blade Tension: Full Time Hydraulic
  • Bandwheel Size: 20”
  • Vises: Vertical (4), Both Sides of Blade
  • Front and Back Independent with Arma Plate Surface and Vertical Stationary Datum Rollers
  • Blade Drive: 7½ HP, AC Vector Drive
  • Sawing Force: 0-500 lbs
  • Coolant: Mist System, 32 oz Capacity
  • Hydraulic Capacity: 20 Gallons
  • Hydraulic Drive: 2 HP Motor – Full Time
  • Saw Bed: 35” Work Height
  • Hydraulic Saw Bed Raise/Lower Feature with Replaceable UHMW Wear Surface(s) and Horizontal Infeed and Outfeed Rollers
  • Cutting Head Traverse: Linear Motion Ball Rail
  • Laser Cut Line: Wired In
  • Electrics: Wired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool Standards
  • Machine Dimensions: 140” Wide x 48” Deep x 86” High
  • Shipping Weight: 4,500 lbs
  • Fork Lift Pockets in Base: Side Loaded


Optional Accessoriese

  • 208-60-3
  • 230-60-3
  • 460-60-3
  • Work Light, Wired In
  • Blade Break/Stall Switch
  • Conveyors Consult Factory
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